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Year 6: Bewerley Park Trip: Day 3

Day 3

Children had a really good nights sleep last night with quite a few needing to be woken up this morning. Already we have celebrated Clay and Neva's birthday with phone calls home and there is something exciting for supper this evening. Once again it is a beautiful day and the children have been well fortified by another good breakfast. Wednesday is always the day to keep energy levels topped up. 

Day 3 Update

It has been a morning, and early afternoon, of successes.

We have discovered some climbers who can persevere, learn new techniques and keep going even when legs and arms are getting tired in Ms Gortzak's group. Harry's celebration when he touched the top was spectacular. This was topped by how he encouraged the others while dangling half way up. 

Those who cycled learnt new skills and grew in confidence, particularly  when the bikes appeared to be unusually big - they were all the right size. They also discovered that even though it has been very dry, Bewerley Park mud hides and appears all over your clothes later. 

Miss Blakeley's group created a first for the year. Each one of them jumped off a ledge into the ghyll. Sally, the head of the centre, was absolutely impressed.

Day 3 Evening

Highlights from today's activities as recorded by the staff: Alfie told Miss Massender, immediately after he had squeezed himself through the 'Smartie Tube' at Brimham Rocks, 'I can do anything.' One of our birthday celebrants said, 'It's the best birthday ever,' although he did think of other best birthdays later. Amazingly, he had just been immersed in icy water. 'I want to buy a bike,' after really improving skills in an intense mountain bike session. Helena told Miss Watkin, 'I don't know what you were worried about!' She had just jumped the 'Leap of Faith'. 'I didn't know that I could do that,' said lots of the children when I encountered the cyclists practising riding off a drop. 'I have never eaten so much salad.' That wasn't the staff. Well done to everyone. Night time orienteering this evening prior to a famous Bewerley Park special birthday cake.



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